Rum & Spirits

We produce Austrian Inländer rum according to the Wurth family’s traditional recipe. Our range also includes high-quality distillates, brandies, and spirits.

Inländer Rum

Strong alcohol on a wooden table and barrel

Inländer rum is a protected traditional Austrian product. Whether for adding a special touch to punch or baked goods, high-quality Inländer rum is indispensable for many uses. We are proud that we have been producing it according to our own family recipe for many decades.

We offer Inländer rum with 38% vol. in a 10 litre canister, on request in large containers as well.

You can also order other ingredients as baking additives with different alcohol contents from us.

Denatured rum

When rum is called for in baked goods, you can also use denatured products. Although this makes the rum no longer drinkable, the flavour will be perfectly retained in your creations. However, you can save yourself the alcohol tax of up to € 4.56 / litre of rum.

We carry denatured rum in the following varieties:

  • Inländer spirit 38% vol., denatured with xanthan
  • Inländer spirit 38% vol., denatured with sodium chloride
  • Inländer spirit 22.5% vol., denatured with sodium chloride

We can also denature other spirits with a corresponding amount for you to save you taxes. For example:

  • Maraschino 38% vol., denatured with xanthan
  • Brandy 38% vol., denatured with xanthan
  • Kirsch 38% vol., denatured with xanthan

We are happy to advise you on the necessary steps to obtain an authorisation to purchase denatured spirits.

Ready-to-drink spirits

Here is a selection of our fine, ready-to-drink spirits:

  • Apricot
  • Baccarat Ron
  • Williams
  • Fruit schnapps
  • Brandy
  • Grain
  • Slivovitz
  • Brandy
Do you make spirits or rum yourself?

Then you can find all kinds of high-quality essences and flavourings for refining your products here.