Decorations & Fruits

Our range includes decorative products of the highest quality for your baked goods, desserts, and ice cream. Try our delicious chocolate shavings and nut and chestnuts mixture!

Give your creations the finishing touch with our range of high-quality decorative products!

Chocolate decorations

Chocolate Dessert

  • Chocolate shavings in 1 kg tubs
    delicate, dark chocolate shavings for decorating
  • White chocolate shavings in 1 kg tubs
    for beautiful bright contrasts
  • Cocoa flakes in 1 kg cans
    fine sprinkles to scatter over and mix in
  • Cocoa ice cream glaze in 1 kg bottles
    for coating with a crunchy shell
  • Special glaze for Stracciatella slivers in 1.5 kg dosing tubes
    liquid at room temperature, hardens fast in the cold for crunchy slivers

Chestnut puree


With us you get two brands of the finest chestnut puree for chestnut rice, confectionery, or as an accompaniment to game:

  • Wurth’s high-quality own brand in 900 g cans
    suitable for all purposes
  • Ultra-fine quality with the Swiss chestnut puree from Vanini in 850 g cans
    likewise suitable for all uses
    especially good for fillings, such as chestnuts centres

Nut decorations


  • Hazelnut brittle in 1 kg of packs
    Crispy hazelnut sprinkles in vacuum packaging
  • Caramelised walnuts in 0.5 kg cans
    high-quality nuts with a sweet coating


  • Original Italian Amarena cherries in 3.5 kg cans
Our exquisite dessert sauces and toppings can be found on this page.