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Andreas Wurth

Kommerzialrat Josef Wurth (1899 – 1974)

About us

The Josef Wurth company was founded in 1934 by Mr. Josef Wurth from Perchtoldsdorf. At that time, he could not find a suitable building with a large enough space for the entire production facilities in Vienna, so the operation was initially housed in several buildings in the Rossauer Lände area.

In addition to the Stella liqueur mixtures, which were mainly used in households by housewives themselves, the diverse production range included raw materials for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and flavourings and essences for the spirits and foodstuffs industry. Essences, rum, fruit distillates, and extracts for the dairy industry (milkshakes) were made in the distillation plant. Natural ice cream ingredients (from fruit), fragrance blends for cosmetics, sausage seasoning, and food colourings were also produced.


wurth-betriebIn 1948, the company was awarded a distilling right for the brandy distillery with its own warehouse and the First North Tyrolean Conifer Distillery was founded at the Fern Pass in Tyrol. In the same year, an appropriate site for building the company’s own factory was found in the third district, at 15 Paulusgasse, and in 1950 the move to the new facility was made.


It was financed entirely from the company’s own resources (without any borrowed capital). The best conditions for working well and efficiently soon resulted in an increase in turnover and the Wurth company became one of the largest and most well-known companies in the food and beverage industry in Austria.


The number of customers rose to over 2000 not just in Austria; exports to nearby and more distant countries also rose to 25-30% of total turnover. The company exported to Yugoslavia, Greece, Scandinavia, Israel, the USA, and Canada, among other countries. After the death of the “Councillor of Commerce” Josef Wurth – he had been awarded this title in 1958 – his three children inherited the company in 1974. Robert Wurth and his wife Jolanda Wurth ran the company in the following years.


The sisters Erika and Monika’s share of the business was taken over after a few years and the operation entered its third generation in 1986. The sons Josef and Andreas Wurth took over the management of the company from their parents. Under the leadership of the third generation, the business has remained a private company and since then has been thriving and continually increasing turnover. The company has done a certain amount of pioneering work for the Austrian food industry in the former Eastern Bloc countries.


Almost since it was founded, the company has delivered to Hungary, Yugoslavia, Poland, etc., not without risk. However, the most efficient step was achieved by forming a joint venture in Hungary in early 1989. The Wurth company had thus established the third registered joint venture in Hungary, which worked actively. Furthermore, the company Aschinger GmbH in Himberg was acquired in 1989, which also turned out to be a positive move for the company to this day.


auszeichnung-staatswappen-oesterreichIn recognition of its 56 years of work in the field of the economy in Austria and abroad, in 1990 the Josef Wurth company was awarded the right to use the national coat of arms in the business sphere in accordance with § 68 of the Commercial Code.


In 2007, Josef Wurth Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG was reorganised into a contemporary legal business form, the Wurth Essenzenfabrik GmbH company.


For some time, after completing their studies, the fourth generation has also shown interest in good flavours in our industry and participating in our family business.


The continuation of our success story in the next generation is thus well secured.


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