In addition to outstanding quality, flexibility and quick delivery are some of our greatest strengths.

You can send us your orders round the clock and we will process them and get them ready for shipping as soon as possible.

If a shipment is delayed, we are happy to investigate with our reliable transport partner for you. If a shipment arrives damaged, please make a note of this when accepting the delivery note and let us know. We then provide a replacement as soon as possible.

Orders with a value of € 250.00 net or above are shipped free to your door in Austria. This includes a flat shipping and handling fee of € 25.00. For shipments abroad, we pass on the actual shipping cost 1:1.

You are also welcome to visit us to collect your goods. Our flavourings and essences are bottled fresh to order, so please allow 24 hours’ filling time. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, please simply call us one day in advance. This will allow us to get everything ready, serve you as quickly as possible, and save you precious time.