Coffee essence

Making iced coffee has never been so simple and delicious! The exquisite beans selection and careful processing make our Sao Paulo and Rio coffee essences a true delight.

In the catering trade, you always want to impress your guests with good quality, but everything must be done quickly.

It is precisely when it comes to making iced coffee that you therefore often face the choice of whether to cool freshly brewed coffee, which takes a long time, or resort to an inferior ready-made solution.

With our coffee essences, you can achieve the highest quality quickly and simply!

We offer the following liquid coffee essences in 1 litre glass bottles:

  • Sao Paulo
    The ideal solution for iced coffee.
  • Rio
    With a particularly fine taste, perfect for creams.

for iced coffee dilute 1: 3 to 1: 5 with water; add a scoop of vanilla ice cream if desired
for flavouring creams and fillings as needed


Our range also includes an instant version, the fully-soluble Stella coffee Sao Paulo.


Flora Lhotka
Sales consultant
Ilse Tuschel
Ilse Tuschel
Sales consultant
Leonard Lackinger
IT, Purchasing